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3B December 2016 Review

I realized I missed a month somewhere in 2016 so instead of killing my brain trying to figure out which one, we're just gonna call this December and be done with it!

For those who don't know, 3B is a beauty subscription service. For $13 (old price) a month you get 4-5 sample and full sized beauty, hair, and skin products. Check them out here: 3B

I pay for this service with my own money and all opinions are my honest ones.

Manyo Factory Herb Green cleansing oil: I love cleansing oils. I'm not sure why but I do. If you have oily skin don't be afraid to use these! They're great for removing face makeup. This one not so much on the eye makeup though. It is an extra step so you'll have to wash with your regular cleanser afterwards. The smell on this is super intense (oils include: tea tree, sage, rosemary, lavender, and green tea) so if you're sensitive to scents, you might wanna skip this one. Full size is $30 so I imagine this sample is around $10. (Korea - CF)

V10 Plus skin perfecting serum (all those colorful little packets): We got 5 different types of serums to try (they make 11 all together) and since you only need a couple drops each use, these will take a LOOONG time to use up. But you can mix different ones together! I've tried the pink one once already and a teeny bit does indeed go a long way. Absorbed very quickly, felt nice and light. A full bottle goes for $98 but since you can't order it on-line I can't find how much comes in a full size. Let's just guess each of these is valued around $2. (Japan - ?) 

When Last Choice sheet mask: Ahhh...I can't get enough sheet masks! This one is supposed to help with dull uneven skin and provide long lasting moisture. And it's the jelly consistency kind. Love those. I'm in! According to Sephora's website, this stuff is vegan so that's pretty much cruelty free. This is full size and goes for $7. (Korea - CF)

Wei Beauty Five Sacred Grains rapid glow milk: That's a mouthful. This is a toner and essence in one. It is extremely lightweight but when you layer it with other serums and/or oils, it does provide an extra layer of moisture. At least, as far as I can tell from the one time I used it. Full size is $48 so this sample is around $8. (China - CF)

COSRX pimple acne master patch: I got these pimple patches before (from another brand) and they don't do DICK as far as I can tell. But I'll try this one just in case it's any different or better. Basically you take a little patch and put it on a pimple you have. Wear it overnight and remove it in the morning. Easy peasy. This is full size and costs $5. (Korea - CF)

All righty. This month's value is probably somewhere around $40, which is decent. I'm excited to give more of these products a try in the coming winter season!