The Monkey Is In.

So be prepared. Bring a banana.

I'm a writer of horror and dark fiction. I've been doing this since 1999 and believe me when I say, it's cheaper than therapy and safer for the world at large.

When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch.
— Bette Davis

Here you will find a page that has links to all the reviews and articles I write, whether they be about movies or books.






9/21/2018 New one that I watched on a dare. Singularity. Gods awful crap.

7/27/2018 Got a chance at a screener. SHHHH. *weak*

7/20/2018 Triple threat review of some classic scifi/horror. Creature from the Haunted Sea, Flash Gordon, The Giant Gila Monster.

6/10/2018 Well, fuck me sideways. A Chemical Burn film I didn't abhor. 21st Century Serial Killer. Kinda fun.

5/3/2018 Next up for CHC: Almost Invisible. Another let down from Chemical Burn Entertainment.

3/25/2018 Double review for you this month: Retirement of Joe Corduroy and Skin Eating Jungle Vampires. Yin yang going on here, folks.


SLACK JAW PUNKS REVIEWS (usually Drunken Monkey)

7/5/2018 The final film review for the Puppet Master franchise: Axis Termination. Pretty fun. 

5/27/2018 Latest in the Puppet Master Series: Axis Rising. It's...okay.

5/11/18 New review in the Puppet Master Series: Axis of Evil. Not too bad.

4/17/2018 Another review for the Puppet Master Series: Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys. *sigh*

3/20/2018 Next installment of the Puppet Master Series: The Legacy. So. Fucking. Pissed.

2/14/2018 Another film from the PM Series: Retro Puppet Master. Still pretty fun.