The Monkey Is In.

So be prepared. Bring a banana.

I'm a writer of horror and dark fiction. I've been doing this since 1999 and believe me when I say, it's cheaper than therapy and safer for the world at large.

These are links to other sites that I think are cool, amusing, fantabulous, or whatever strikes my fancy at any particular moment. It'll start off small then eventually morph into something behemoth, sentient, and uncontrollable. You're welcome, Earth.


  • MonkeysMerchandise. I created a Zazzle store eons ago and have just gotten back into it. I've created some new stuff, dusted off some old, and tidied up the place. Go take a gander. It'll be fun, I promise!
  • The Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers. I’ve been a part of this group, and one of it’s founders, since 2007. It’s a great gathering of awesome people, some of whom have become great friends.
  • Cinema Head Cheese. I used to review 2 movies a month at GLAHW when it had an active newsletter. And something caught the attention of the folks at Cinema Head Cheese. After messaging a few of them, and having CHC co-founder as a fellow GLAHW member, I’m guessing it’s because I’m as big a weirdo as they are. So they send me fantastic movies (and by fantastic I usually mean eye-bleeding horrible) and I write reviews. Sometimes I just review random flicks I come across on Netflix or wherever, too. I try to have fun with them, be as honest as possible (though I admit to holding back sometimes so as not to create too much butt-hurt), and help movie goers out there find the true treasures among the piles and piles of shit. I do link my personal reviews to my blog but you really do need to check out the CHC website for yourselves – it’s awesome!
  • Slack Jaw Punks: found these guys through Twitter. They post about all sort of horror shit and I've been lucky enough to be brought into the fold. Check them out!
  • Dragons Roost Press: My friend, Michael, started his own small press. I was lucky enough to have him publish the second edition of Hell Hath No Fury. He's got some other really cool stuff, too.
  • Source Point Press: Awesome collective of folks doing awesome things. They also published my vampire novel, The Vessel. But that's not the only reason I like them!

HORROR AWESOMENESS (writers, artists, films, etc.)

  • The Horror Honeys: a cool website dedicated to horror and organized/run by some bad-ass chicks. Check out their Facebook page, individual Twitter accounts, and their weekly podcast.
  • Son of Ghostman: a great independent film that’s got comedy, romance, and horror. Fun for the whole family!
  • Don England: Horror artist extraordinaire! (he's also the cover artist for GLAHW).
  • Steve Bejma: Classic horror artist who just can't ever stay at his damn table when working conventions.
  • David Hayes: Writer, actor, film producer, editor, teacher, and one of my favorite people.
  • Heather Schilling: Very cool chick that does some really, really cool art.
  • MontiLee Stormer: Awesome writer, sexy-mama, and fiercely addicted to knitting.
  • Michael Cieslak: Another awesome writer, total geek, and all around saucy wench (or whatever the male equivalent of that is).


  • The Pulmonary Fibrosis Organization: An organization that brings information to the masses about PF, a terrible degenerative lung disease that kills about 40,000 people every year and for which there is no cure. I never knew what it was until my dad was diagnosed with it in 1998. 
  • The Humane Society: I'm sure I don't really need to explain who they are and what they do. There's also a specific HS in Michigan so whichever way you'd like to find info on helping animals, they're both good.
  • Vietnam Veterans of America: If you want access to newsletters, event information, or want to set up a donation pick-up to benefit veterans, this is a good place to start.
  • Books for Soldiers: GLAHW has participated in this program a couple of times now. Got some books you're read and just don't know what do do with them? Deployed soldiers need stuff to read, too! Head over to the site, register, then search the forum boards for requests! (you can't access any info until you register - understandable, yes?)


  • Siena Literacy Center and Dominican Literacy Center: Both these organizations are dedicated to fighting the growing illiteracy problem in America, one adult at a time. Both run by the Adrian Dominican nuns, the SLC and DLC are doing great works in helping people learn to read. And what are writers without an audience to read them? Please go to their websites and see how you can help.
  • Detroit Public Library
  • Grey Wolfe Scriptorium: This is a new bookstore in my town that sells my stuff. It caters specifically to local authors!
  • Think Outside the Books: New bookstore in Ypsilanti and it carries my publications.