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LIPP Beautifully April 2017 - FINAL

Well, that didn't take long. After 4 months (for me), LIPP Beautifully is shutting down. For now. After this last month, they have cancelled all subscriptions and are working on growing, I think. Maybe they were bought out or just reorganizing. As much fun as this was, I don't think I'll be signing back up. I've got 12 little clam shells sitting in a bowl on my vanity just waiting to get used. But don't let me stop you from checking them out in the future. LIPP BEAUTIFULLY

It's cool. I have plenty of other stuff to keep my occupied. Again, for now...

For me, the shades in the clam shells ended up not looking like I thought they would once I put them on. But this is a good thing! Except for the last one. Ah, can't win them all!

Every Day: Ode is a beautiful deep blue pink. I thought it was going to be brighter, more neon, so I'm happy it's not.

Trend: Solution is bordering 90s brown. If it didn't have as much of a rose undertone then I'd probably hate it. But it's a nice blend of both colors.

Going Out: Secret is a gorgeous orchid shade. I thought it was going to be straight up hot pink but that blue/purple tone going on makes this color so much more awesome.

Limited Edition: Havana is much more orange than I thought it would be at first glance. It looked more bright cherry red in the sample pot. I don't do orange reds. Not really sure how they look on me. I just don't like the shade. Oh well. Also, whenever I see the word, Havana, all I can think of is Sheriff Bart and Lily VonSchtupp. Inappropes? Like you haven't done the same. Don't lie to me...

For $6 each month, I think this is a good value especially for anyone just getting into makeup or just wanting to try out some sample lip products without a full size commitment. I put their link up top so if you want to join up when they return, just click it and have fun!

Lipp Beautifully March 2017 Review

Already in my third month on this? How is that possible?

For those who don't know, I just joined this service in January. For $5.95 a month you get 4 samples of lipsticks (Trend, Going Out, Every Day, Limited Edition) with 4 sponge applicators. The samples are a good size so you'll get a 5-7 uses from each one to really test out the product. Use the code "10OFFGENERAL" to get 10% off your first month. If you join, as a subscriber you will get another code each month to get $5 off a purchase from their store (excluding Limited Edition shades). Check them out here: LIPP BEAUTIFULLY

(I pay for this service with my own money and all opinions are my honest ones)

Only one shade this month gave me the blahs because of shade, pigmentation, and feel. But the other three are beautiful.

TREND: Script is similar to last month's Verde color but with a bit more red tone so it looks like a warm rose-berry shade. Thick and creamy this is a gorgeous color and feels so nice on the lips.

EVERY DAY: Absence is my least favorite. It's too light for my skin (looks like concealer), very thin formula, and it's a bit streaky. Might be nice to mix in with other shades or use like a highlight in the center of the lips.

GOING OUT: Crime is a GORGEOUS bright cherry red color. This would be great for a pin up makeup look. Similar formula to Script.

LIMITED EDITION: Fiji is probably my favorite, even after that red one! Though the formula is a bit thin and streaky (like Absence) the color is stunning. I love it!

Very beautiful options this month and I might just go buy Fiji!

Lipp Beautifully February 2017 Review

All righty. Month two of my new subscription from Lipp Beautifully. In case you missed it, LB is a cruelty free monthly subscription service where, for $5.95, you get 4 samples of lipsticks plus 4 sponge tip applicators. Members also get a special coupon to use each month at the LB store (which I can't share with you - sorry). They did, however, give me a coupon code you can use to get 10% off your first month. Head over to LIP BEAUTIFULLY and enter '10OFFGENERAL' at check out!

(I purchase this service with my own money and all opinions are my honest ones)

Not sure how I feel about this month. I'll post swatch pics on my lips, too, but for now you can get a pure pigment feel of what these lipsticks look like. I did get the same styles as last month (left to right): Trend, Every Day, Going Out, and Limited Edition. So now I know that's what I'll get each month! Again, the lipsticks are creamy, super pigmented, and last on the lips quite a while. The pink or red based ones definitely stain the lips, even after just a minute or two! But these colors this month, on me.....meh.

The Trend color, QUOTA, is straight up orange. I just can't pull that shit off. HYPOCRITE is a pretty blue based Barbie pink but it's way too light and washes out even a pasty-assed white girl like me. PERFECTION is basically a deeper version of Hypocrite but it just looks odd. If I put a little Hypocrite over it, it's not terrible. My favorite was VERDE, a brown-pink nude. I'm not really a brown lipstick kinda gal (way to 90s for me) but with the pink base going on, it actually looks very nice. So I'll definitely wear that one!

I'm glad I got to try these colors. If I had received full tubes of the first three, I would have been pissed because I won't wear them. But that's what makes this sample subscription so awesome. Very little waste! See you all next month for another review.

NEW! Lipp Beautifully January 2017 Review

Yes, yes, yes. I'm becoming a subscription whore. But I'm already a lipstick whore so this service is perfect for me.

Lipp Beautifully is a monthly subscription service. For $5.95 a month you get four lipstick samples, four sponge applicators, and a coupon code for discounts you can use at the LB website (except for the Limited Edition shades, which I discovered when I tried to use my code - so sad...). All their products are made in the USA and are cruelty free (yay - I'm not sad anymore!). Check them out here: LIPP BEAUTIFULLY

I pay for this service with my own money and all opinions are my honest ones.

The four samples come in a simple, small padded envelope with a cute little card describing their LE sample shade month. On the back is a discount code but I'm not sure I can share it (I'll find out). The samples come in little clam shell pods and you might not think there's much there but I'll get 4-6 uses for each. At least. I'm not the type that reapplies worn off product all the time. They smell like a fruity/candy lip balm, too. Not super strong so if you're sensitive to smells, these probably won't bother you. 

The sponge tip applicators ARE SO MUCH FUCKING BETTER THAN THOSE LAME ASS CHEAP LIP BRUSHES. Makes it super easy to apply lipstick. I'm kind of an uncoordinated clod so anything that makes me look like I know what I'm doing and NOT having a stroke in the middle of application is a win in my book. Also each shade actually stains the lips so even when the product wears off (not for hours, btw) there's a stain left behind. Throw some lip balm over it and you're good to go!

They sell regular lipsticks ($20), limited editions ($10), and lip scrub ($12). So if you find something you like one month, you can go purchase a full size.

I don't know if each month will include the exact same styles (Trend, Everyday, cream finish, etc.) but stick with me and we'll find out together. For now, here are swatches of the samples I received for January.

Adolescent was a bit too neon for me. It's gorgeous but just not my thing. Plus one little part of my lower lip, that was pretty dry and scaly, was stained hot pink for 2 DAYS!

Danger was the first I tried and I thought for sure I was going to hate it. I actually dig it! I'm not one for orange lipsticks. Even orange based reds look terrible but I really like this one.

Texture is a beautiful dusty rose (I fucking hate that phrase but that's exactly what this color is). And they're right. It's perfect for every day.

Paris, naturally, is my favorite. A gorgeous classic red. You just can't go wrong with this. It is limited so if you like it too, get to their website and order. It won't be around forever.

For $6, I'm pretty pleased with this service. Maybe that will change as the months go on but for now, I'm happy I signed up! A friend of mine commented on Facebook that this might be a good service for her daughters. And I can't agree more! Anyone who's just getting into makeup would probably enjoy this subscription.