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Universal Yums July 2016 Review

Like food? Like trying new snacks from around the world? Then Universal Yums is for you! It's a monthly food subscription service. For $13 (or $25) you get a box filled with various candies and snacks from a different country. Check them out here: UNIVERSAL YUMS

As usual, I purchase this service with my own money and all opinions are my honest ones.

This month's country is Taiwan! Here's a little trivia for ya (answer at the end of the post):    The newly elected president of Taiwan is: A. A former sumo wrestler; B. A 30-year old  entrepreneur; C. An unmarried cat lady; D. An immigrant from the USA.

Lays Stax Seaweed Chips: I thought these would be little squares of dried seaweed but they decided to ease us Muricans into the kelp world with these chips. Think Pringles with a slight fishy aftertaste. Not bad but not that great either. Hubby likes them so I will not deny him this treat.

YB Brown Sugar Milk Candy: These have the flavor of a Bit-O-Honey but they're a tad softer so I can eat them without pulling out my dental work. Disclaimer: I only bit off a little with my front teeth and softened the candy up before transferring it to my molars. Nice flavor, very yummy!

Taro Mochi Cake: Taiwan's cuisine has been greatly influence by Japan so they took this mochi dessert but filled it with cake instead of bean paste. Really, really good!

Green Tea Choco Roll: Haven't tried this one yet but I'm excited about it. Apparently it's a green tea flavored cookie. Not sure where the chocolate comes in but I'm willing to be the guinea pig and find out.

CCC Yogurt Candy: Haven't tried these either. This is made from some kind of probiotic yogurt drink (read: fermented milk). I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a little scared by this.

Oishi Chocolate Corn Roll: This was really good! The corn roll (which themselves have a little sweetness) is covered in a thin layer of chocolate coconut powder and the filling is mostly beans (soy, mung, red, kidney, etc.). Sounds kinda weird but believe me, it was definitely oishi! (delicious in Japanese).

CCC Soft Pudding Candy: This stuff is more like Turkish delight but staler. It does taste like an egg pudding in jelly form so it's not very sweet. It was...okay.

Prince Kimchi Noodles: Think raman noodles flavored with kimchi that you eat dry. Haven't tried these yet but I'm seriously intrigued.

Morinaga Lychee Hi-Chew: I think we had the mango flavored hi-chews in the Japan box. Nice chewy little candies but not sticky so don't worry about your crowns, folks! 

Good box this month. The clue to next month seems like we'll be getting something from Brazil. Stay tuned to find out!

(Trivia Answer: C. An Unmarried Cat Lady)