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Ipsy June 2016 Review

For those who may not know, Ipsy is a monthly subscription service. For $10 each month you get a reusable cosmetics bag with 4-5 sample (sometimes full) sized beauty products. Check them out here: IPSY

As always, I purchase this service with my own money and all opinions are my honest ones.

The theme this month is Rebel Rebel. While the bag is kind of adorable (because THAT is what we want our rebels to be, amirite?), the theme as usual is completely useless. But let's get into these products, shall we?

Crown Brush 3-Tone Bronzer: (top picture) I never knew Crown made makeup. Maybe it's a new venture. Maybe I'm just late to the party. This little trio holds highlight, blush, and bronzer. Use each individually or swirl your brush through all three (top to bottom: highlight, blush, bronzer, all three mixed together). Unless you're the size of a pixie or have no issue putting on blush or bronzer with a q-tip, I suggest you mix all three together to create a nice pink/peach toned shiny blush. None of the colors are all that pigmented on their own but they are very pretty. The normal trio product (.78 ounces) goes for $20 on their site so this .4 ounce sample is probably worth $10. (CF) - UPDATE: I have used this as a blush and it's sooo pretty!

Urban Decay Fireball Eye shadow: (middle and bottom pics) I needed two pictures for this little eye shadow because it's one of those duo-chrome beauties. It's pink - no, wait, it's kind of peach. Hang on, it's both! I don't think the pictures are doing it justice but trust me, she's gorgeous. Full size is $19 for 1.5g. This .2g sample is around $2.50 (CF)

Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub: (top pic) This is a new one for me. Australian born, this is a brand that has created a line of coffee-based skin care. It's only available on-line. I'm excited to try it, though I just discovered a great coffee scrub from a US company so Frank's got some work cut out for him. The tone of the descriptions (on the bag and on-line) is a bit childish but I am amused. And slightly aroused...Full size bag is 7 ounces ($14.95) so this 1.7 ounce sample should run around $3.50. (I'm guessing it's a CF brand because of its vegan claims)

Formula X nail polish: I think I've heard of this company before but I don't really care about nail polish THAT much so I don't keep tabs on these things. However, this is a gorgeous bright tomato red color (called Wingwoman - #sorrynotsorry to you feminists out there but that makes my eyes roll VERY LOUDLY). It's supposed to last on your nails, chip free, for 8 days. Challenge accepted! Full size is $10.50 so this 4ml sample is about $2.50. (CF)

Be a Bombshell Pout Potion: I've had BaB cosmetics before in Ipsy. Most of the time I think I like them. But I have to say this lip gloss/creme is awesome! It's not heavy or sticky, smells like coconut (but not too strong so you won't smell it for long), and the color, called Secret, is beautiful. It's a soft pink nude that's just a shade lighter than my natural lip color. Not sure if it lasts more than a couple of hours (I didn't eat anything but I did kiss the hubby twice) or is streaky - perhaps a darker color would be easier to notice - but I loved it. Not sure if this is a sample or full - it looks just like the one on BaB's website. So let's give them the benefit of the doubt and call is full at $14 value. (CF)

Over all I think this bag is about $32. Not too bad considering I'm happy about every product in here!