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Universal Yums June 2016 Review

Have I ever told you guys how much I love food? I'm not a food snob. I just like to eat a lot. So this subscription service is perfection. Universal Yums is a monthly subscription. For $13 (or $25) each month you will receive snacks/candy from a different country. Check them out here: UY

This month's goodies come from the good old US of A!

Trivia: According to the World Giving Index, Americans are the most likely people in the world to: A.Get arrested for jaywalking; B.Help a stranger; C.Walk by a homeless person without giving money; D.Drop their gum on the sidewalk. (Answer at the bottom of the post)


I love the tissue paper! I've tasted most things in the box already so let's do this!

Route 11 Chesapeake Crab Chips: Not sure how much like crab these taste so much as Old Bay Seasoning. Pretty bitter and kind of gross. The dog likes them though. 

Abba Zaba Peanut Butter Taffy: This stuff feels pretty hard so I will not be eating it. I don't think I've ever had this before though I've seen it everywhere. 

Black & White Cookie: The hubby expressed GREAT interest in this so I'm chaining myself to the front porch column to keep from eating it. It looks really really REALLY good though

Aplets and Cotlets: Basically these are little gems of apple and apricot Turkish delight. I thought there were separate apple and apricot flavors but they're all mixed together and they were awesome. Jelly like the TD but with walnuts. 

Montana Wild Huckleberry Twists: These are great little candies. Fantastic flavor, like blueberries on crack. 

Vermont Maple Drops: Though I LOATHE real maple syrup, I'm still excited to try these out. Maple candy is usually better than maple syrup anyway. UPDATE: I've tasted one. Tastes like real maple syrup. *sad trombone*

Lammes Habanero Pecan Praline: I was introduced to the gorgeous praline in Nashville (I think) so I was intrigued by the spicy aspect of this one. UNTIL I TRIED IT. I barely had a pea sized bite - more like 1/2 pea - and my mouth burned for 5 full minutes. FUCK THAT SHIT. Nooooope.

Fralingers' Salt Water Taffy: I love salt water taffy and have since I was a kid. These have a tendency to get stale pretty fast but before that, they safe for my crowns! I've had two so far (lime and another flavor I couldn't quite place). Awesome.

Grippos Bar-B-Q Potato Chips: BONUS ITEM! Apparently you can't get these many places outside Ohio (Cincinnati in particular) so I'm happy they included them. Nice spice and mostly sweet. Which is my perfect bbq combo! 

Very good score this month! The clue for next month could be Hong Kong or maybe Taiwan. It's Asian so who cares? It'll be awesome!

(TRIVIA ANSWER: B. Help a stranger)