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3B May 2016 Review

Holy crap this one snuck up on me. I didn't even realize I forgot to write up a review until I went to clean out the pics on my phone. Whooops.

Anyhoo...3B is a monthly subscription service. For $12 a month you will receive 4-5 sample (some full) sized Asian beauty products. Check them out here: 3B BEAUTY

As always, I purchase this service with my own money and all opinions are my honest ones. 

Leaders Brightening Recovery Mask: This one was different because it was more of a gel saturation instead of liquid/serum. Nice and NOT drippy. I think I'd have to use this more than once to see if it lightened up any acne scars or what not but for a one time use, it was really really nice. This is a little more on the expensive side for sheet masks but I have a feeling over time it's worth the investment. $7

Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream: I have not used these packets yet so I can't deny or confirm any claims. Supposed to firm, tone, and stimulate collagen production. Can be used in the morning or evening. This isn't even sold at the Sulwhasoo site but you can find it at Nordstrom's or Ebay. Not really a good sign if you ask me. $95 for 2.5 ounces so I suppose these little packets are maybe $9.

Skinfood Royal Honey Propolis Essence: I have a sneaking suspicion that this stuff broke me out. I like the consistency of it and the smell is very soft. But again, like with most Korean serums, they just don't like me. 50mls goes for $24. I have no idea how much is in this sample.

Dewytree Blackhead Out Nose Patch: I don't have the problem of blackheads but I know these little sticky patches can still clean out gunk from the pores. They're easy to use and kind of fun, actually. One package gets you 10 strips for $12 so these three will run about $3-$4.

Aritaum Fresh Power Essence Pouch Sleeping Pack: Never used one of these sleeping packs before. If you haven't either, basically you spread this stuff all over your face and then go to bed. Rinse off in the morning. You can put your moisturizer on before this, if you want (I asked). I did that and I think that's what caused a huge zit to form just under my lip. I want to try it again without that step and see what happens. Surprisingly, my pillow did not get all goopy. A little hard to find but the item on Amazon goes for about $5 (and this is full size).

Since I don't know how much the propolis essence is, I'll give this bag about $30-$35 worth. Not bad. I don't hate it but since their skin care can fuck me up, I'm not in love with it either. Until next month! Assuming I remember...