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UNIVERSAL YUMS - August Review

Yes, I'm going to talk about ANOTHER monthly subscription box. But this time it's not makeup. It's FOOD! I tried Japan Crate a year or so ago. And while the candies I received were pretty tasty, the boxes themselves were very inconsistent. Eventually someone else took it over and it got better but by then I was done with the uncertainty and $25 price tag.

A little research later and I stumbled across Universal Yums. This is a monthly subscription box where each month features snacks from a different country. How cool is that? You can get the Yum Box (6 or more snacks) for $13 or the Yum Yum Box (13 or more snacks) for $25. We started last month, which coincidentally contained Japanese snacks, but I wanted to get through one before reviewing it. 

It was awesome!

Each box comes with a card that describes all the snacks, has trivia about the current month's featured country, and a little hint as to what will be coming next month. So damn cool.

If you'd like to check them out, head over to and take a peek. As usual, I purchase this box with my own money and all opinions and thoughts are my own.


The box comes so neatly packaged before the hubby and I tear into it to find out what snacks we get to devour. The card is a nice semi-gloss sturdy card stock and it opens like a greeting card. Printing on every side (the product descriptions are inside and the hint is on the back - we think it might be somewhere in South America or maybe Turkey for next month). It really looks like the people in charge took their time and paid great attention to detail. Very nice!


Look at all those goodies! The two biggest bags are super spicy savory snacks. I'm leaving those to the hubby - maybe sneak one of each just to say I tried it. But really hot stuff is not my forte. The green and purple pouches are gummies. I've tried a green one and even it's spicy! Tasted good, though. The Mango Creme cookies were meh. They tasted really artificial (did you know that mangos are like a national fruit of India and different regions are SUPER SNOBBY about their mangoes? Well, now you do.) The hard candies are mango flavored and delicious.

But the best so far are the Smarties. They are not like American smarties. These are candy coated chocolates - India's version of the M&M. But only the orange colored ones are flavored - with orange. If you like those Terry chocolate orange things (you know what I'm talking about) you will really like these!

For $13, I think we got our money's worth. I'm excited to find out what each month will bring!