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Project Pan Update#2

All righty. Let's check my progress for the second quarter of the year (April - June, for those of you playing at home). It's not great but it could be worse.

"And though she be but little, she is fierce." - Helena, A Midsummer Night's Dream

Just about a millimeter or two's worth of wear on these (top to bottom: J Cat eye brow pencil, Urban Decay and Milani eyeliners). And I was using that fucking eye brow pencil almost every fucking day. What the hell do you want from me, J Cat? WHAAATT???

"Without a struggle, there can be no progress." - William Douglass

Wasn't sure if I could do it as it seemed the levels on these two products never moved. Until they did. The Tarte powder is nearly gone. I'm struggling to get it out of the little two-holed sifter. Time to take that fucker out. The NYX cream highlighter went much faster than I thought. With the wand out, you can see where the product level is, but it gets pushed up (displacement) when the wand is twisted all the way down. So the mark might be off a bit but considering where the level was before, that's damn fine work, if I do say so myself. 

"Oh, Spring! I want to go out and feel you and get inspiration. My old things seem dead. I want fresh contacts, more vital searching." - Emily Carr

It doesn't look like I've made much progress on the original Colourpop blush, but that pan circle has embiggened, I swear. I also took out the NYX blush because, though it was gorgeous, I was so fucking sick of it by spring that I needed to introduce a brighter color. This is a dense baked blush from Laura Gellar and I'm not making any more headway on this than I did the NYX one. There is a slightly more pocked appearance in the last pic, which shows it's been roughed up since I started using it in April. But dayum...blushes are bitches.

"The child in me wanted to try out new things and do something different."- Krystle D'Souza

Here's the new stuff I've added in. The Urban Decay lid primer, NYX Pore Filler, and the Tarte Tinted Moisturizer are hard to judge just where the product levels are in those packages. If it becomes clear at some point, I'll mark it. The BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation was a bit easier but the mark may be off (the shadow in the second pic for that is my head from the overhead light, not the product level). The Wet N Wild lip balm has been in for a while but I still hardly use it. It can be a tad drying so if I don't make any progress this quarter, it's going bye-bye.

I did introduce a CC cream from 2B Colours last time, but it makes my skin look nice and dewy so I want to hang on to that until Fall/Winter, when the air gets drier. Same thing for a primer from Catrice. It's very moisturizing, bordering on greasy, so I want to save that for the drier months ahead.

"Don't die old, die empty. That's the goal of life. Go to the cemetery and disappoint the graveyard." - Myles Munroe


Here are a few products that I completely used up. Milani lip oil, Tarte mascara, L'Oreal eye brow gel, Catrice primer, and Elizabeth Mott eyelid primer, which felt like the never ending tube of product. Son of a bitch, I thought I'd never get through that.

So, some progress, which I guess is better than none at all. Hoping I'll do a little better over the next couple of months!

Project Pan Update #1

Since I started working on my Project Pan, I thought it might help me be accountable if I post progress updates. So I'll aim to write something up every 3 months and with that in mind, here's the first update! (technically 3 months would hit on April 19 but I know how my brain works - I'm thinking about it now so I'd better get to writing before something shiny distracts me).

Let's start with a report on what's still in the project and what progress, if any, has been made.

I'm super happy with the Milani lip oil. I've had that thing for a long time and I'm finally down to the last little bit. I figure I've got 2-3 more uses out of it before it's gone.

The Catrice primer is another one I'm proud of. I didn't want to just get to the leveled off product and call it a day. A lot of these kind of stick formulas (lipsticks, blush, anything in solid tube form) is poured INTO the packaging any where from 1/4"-3/4" down. So I'm digging out what I can use until that bitch is empty.

Tarte setting powder. I only put this under my eyes but I'm so happy with how much I've used! I've had this for a looooong time so I'm glad I put it into the project. Though it looks like I've used a ton (which I have), I don't use much each time so I've still got months of work to do.


I can't even tell if I've made progress on that NYX blush. I've been using it a lot but it's so fucking pigmented that I can't use much at one time. I'll usually tap into the product once or twice and that's good for both cheeks! Ugh. Does the quilted pattern look lower at all??

The Pixi bronzer has some slight scratch marks in it, from the brush I've been using, but otherwise it looks the same. I don't use a lot at once because I don't want a ton of bronze color on my face because it LOOKS like I've used a lot. Does that make sense? The more I use the more fake it looks and I hate that.

I'm excited about the Tarte powder foundation progress. The Tarte name stamp is definitely fuzzier and the BB in the middle is almost totally gone. You can still see a faint hint of it in the second pic but it's really negligible. 


The NYX highlighter is a bit deceptive. I didn't make that first mark for a while after it was in the project because I always had it on its side and didn't stand it up to get a more accurate level. Once I realized I should have done that, I'm not sure where the original level should have been. It's also difficult to tell where the true level is because the product coats the sides. So I'm not sure if that's the real progress I've made but I've definitely made some. I use this highlighter every time I do my makeup and I love it.

The Colourpop gel eyeliner is still going strong. I haven't used it but once or twice and that was just in the last couple of weeks. I used my brown liquid liner instead. But this is just starting to get dry so I need to get on the stick and use it more, especially since I believe CP is discontinuing their gel liners so I can't replace it. *sad trombone*

Looks like I've made some good progress on the CP blush. Though this purple is hard to pull off for every day makeup looks, I can combine it with something else to make it a bit more wearable and less like I got punched in the cheek.


Piss poor progress on these but what can you do?

(original 12 1/10 mm; progress 11 8/10 mm) I've discovered the Milani waterproof eyeliner irritates my eyes. I wore it on my tightlines/waterlines one day, washed off my makeup that night, and the next morning my eyes were all crusty and itchy. Okay, not optimal. So I tried it as an eye shadow base and that was much less irritating. Also just lining the upper and lower lash lines (NOT the inner rims) is all right. And this shit doesn't like to budge once it sets so don't fuck up while you're using it. This will take me a loooong time to work through.

(original 8 5/10 mm; progress 8 4/10 mm) I do like the Urban Decay 24/7 formula. Long lasting and doesn't irritate my eyes. I just don't seem to reach for a purple liner all that much.

(original 11 3/10 mm; progress 11 2/10 mm) The NYX Wonderpencil is really nice for the water line but my eyes are so watery that this stuff wears away within a few minutes. It's supposed to be good for spot concealing, too, so I might start using it for that instead.

(original 2 1/10 mm; progress 2mm) The NYX eye brow pencil is really nice. I could have sworn I used more than this but to be fair, I don't use a heavy hand. My brows are sparse and I don't want it to look like I've drawn them in with a crayon, which is what I basically do but I don't want it to look like that.

I'm not commenting on the Elf Shadow Stick, the Tarte Shape Tape, ELF cream shadow base, the shadow primers, the brow gels, or the A'Pieu cream blush for a few reasons. 1. I haven't used the ELF stick AT ALL and only used the cream base once or twice. 2. I don't use the Shape Tape much and it's hard to see inside the packaging for progress. 3. The blusher, the brow gels, and the shadow primers are in thick or dark packaging and I can't see inside to measure progress. I'll just let you know when they're gone.


Now on to the stuff I've used up (or it dried out)!

The ELF powder was nearly empty when I started to that's not really fair but I'm counting it, dammit! The Honey Cera eye cream and the No Poreblem primer were both nice but I'm glad I've used them up. I might repurchase the Honey Cera but I've got more creams to work through first.

Both the Colourpop gel liner and the Seraphine liquid liner were dried up. I've noticed the darker CP gel liners dry up really really fast. The Seraphine pen was a major disappointment. I only got a few uses out of that before it became unusable. LAAAAAME.

I loved both the Medusa's Makeup and Essence mascaras. Both are more on the natural looking side but they both lengthen and separate lashes beautifully. And the Witch Lash helps make transferring mascaras NOT DO THAT. Unexpected bonus!


I added in a couple products as I used up others.

I took out The Ordinary foundation because it does make my skin look dry and in the winter, that's just something I don't need. I hope to bring it back for the summer. Instead, I put my 2B CC Cream into the rotation. I love this stuff and don't know why nobody talks about it. It's a very neutral base color so even though there are only 2-3 shades, this light one works for me. It might be a titch dark but not so much I can't work with it. Makes my skin look even with a nice dewy touch. I've only ever seen it on-line at Ulta.

The Secret Key eye cream is replacing the Honey Cera one. Though this is a nice formula, it's almost a little too thick to use under my concealer. So I haven't really been using it much though the tube feels nearly empty. I might just have to use it after I wash my face and let it soak in for a while before doing makeup.

Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes is my favorite mascara from this brand. I only buy it when it's on sale (usually for about $10 because it runs $23 normally which is ridiculous). So I threw this in when I finished up the Medusa's Makeup one. Love it.

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk. So many people love this and I know why. I just keep forgetting to use it! It's a great base for eye shadows you want to look brighter or more pigmented (I refuse to use the phrase "make shadows POP" because everyone and their fucking grandmother says that on YouTube). Hopefully putting it in the project will remind me to work with it more often!


All right. That covers this first quarterly update on my Project Pan Progress. Hopefully I'll have better numbers next time!