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So be prepared. Bring a banana.

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Time to Play Dress Up

With convention season almost upon us (and by us I mean GLAHW), it's time to start planning my con outifts/cosplay/etc. Who am I kidding? I've been working on make-up and costume stuff for MONTHS. Most of the time I like to pick things that are relatively easy to recreate - you know, that don't require extraordinary intricate pre-made props or even detailed home-made ones. Let's face it, I'm lazy as hell. But even with the themes or ideas I end up choosing, I still have to go out and purchase clothing or makeup or extras to complete the look. I am a sad comparison to those out there willing to go the extra 100 miles for authenticity and awesomeness in a costume but I still have a lot of fun.

For some reason this year has given me even more joy as I prepare. Maybe because MontiLee and I have upped our game for the first day of MCCC - which is usually the 'just dress however you want' day and requires little effort on my part. We plan to do a pin-up look for Friday. This has had me searching over the Internets for more authentic clothing, as well as make up and hair tutorials. I found a pair of high waisted shorts for cheap; a cute top at Salvation Army;  I've got a load of shoes to choose from so that's covered; and the strapless contraption I bought for other reasons works perfectly and makes my boobs look like torpedoes!

The make-up is not complicated, though the brows do take practice. It's the hair that has me befuddled. Because my hair is so fine it does NOT readily take to pin-up styles. Victory Rolls are out. No amount of teasing and hairspray will make those damn things form. I'm still practicing my curling iron skills and pin-curls can kiss my ass but they seem to be the best way to get wavy hair (kind of like Gilda but with propped up bangs). I just hope I don't destroy my hair before I have a chance to dress up in May.

Not awkward at all.

Not awkward at all.

This IS glamour, bitches.

If all else fails, the high ponytail with bandana is authentic and does not require any special skills. You know, the lazy person's hair style.

I'm pretty sure my two other costumes are all set. Saturday will be Little Miss Muffet, goth style. I was originally going to have her look like she got in a fight with the spider that tried to scare her away but now I think I just like her goth with attitude. See, less make-up to worry about means less work. I didn't prep the hair for this pic but I'm working on it. I also have to walk around with my giant Halloween spider, Herbert, on my back to see if it's really doable to bring him along to the con.

The Spider Whisperer...

The Spider Whisperer...

I can't tell you the other because if you guess it right at the con you get 10% off GLAHW merchandise. I can tell you, though, I trimmed the bangs on the wig last night and I think I didn't fuck them up. Woo!

Yes, this stuff does take away from more important things: writing, practicing the piano, cleaning the house, eating, sleeping, remembering how NOT to fall down the stairs, etc. But it's only for a few months out of the year. Of course, then there's my Halloween costume I need to figure out...

I've only got 7 months! Dammit!


(8/9/2014 Author's note: I've been reposting all my blogs from my original website and as of this posting, I've begun work on my Halloween makeup. Excited!)