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Indulgence 2014 - aka Eat and Drink Until You Puke

For the past couple of years, the hubs and I have attended an event called Indulgence. It's basically just a party where you get to sample sweets and booze from local vendors. Then at 10:00pm, those who have sampled a bit too much of the spirits, get out on the dance floor to shake their booties. And the rest of us sit back and have a good laugh.

Twice they've had this Rock The Booth thing - they're like the photo booths at the arcades only classier. Because of the booze and sparkly dresses.

Though two of our friends couldn't make it this year (and were the ones who introduced us to this extravaganza), a couple others did and boy did we class up that booth. If I had the pics to share of the intimate photo session the guys had I'd most certainly post them here. But I don't. And I think they'd kill me anyway.

So instead, I offer you the pics of me and just the hubby and the session with both couples. If you get the chance to attend this thing, it's actually a really fun night of playing dress up for a few hours and pretending to be an adult. Part of the money you pay goes toward one of four charities (you can pick which one you want to contribute to) which makes me feel better about gorging on chocolate and ice cream all night.

Though the organizers seriously need to hire a new valet company because...assholes.