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3B July 2016 Review

For those who don't know, 3B is a monthly beauty subscription service. For $13 you receive 4-5 sample (sometimes full) sized products of Asian beauty, hair, and skin care. Check them out here: 3B

I purchase this service with my own money and all opinions are my honest ones. If I know which brands are cruelty free, or not, I will indicate it.

Unt Aqua Nettoyant Cleanser: This is from Taiwan and is a hydrating cleanser. I have to say it does make my skin feel clean without drying it out so I look like Mrs. Ida Lowry from the film, Brazil. Doesn't have much of a scent but no matter what I do, this soap finds its way into my mouth and it tastes terrible! But otherwise it's a good cleanser. Full size is only $12 (3.5 oz) so I can't imagine this baby sample could be worth more than a buck or so. (CF. Their parent company, Acacia, is cruelty free)

3W Clinic Sunblock Cream: I've used this a couple times and it hasn't fucked up my skin (on my face, I mean). Smells lightly of sunscreen but not overpowering. It absorbs quickly so you kind of have to use a lot at once or put on multiple layers but it works and that's what matters! This is full size and runs about $8. (?)

Etude House Pink Vital Water Facial Emulsion: I love the way this stuff feels. Very light moisturizer that absorbs quickly. I wouldn't recommend it for dry skin because it is so light but it would be perfect for anyone who has oily skin or just needs a little moisture. The bottle is so cute, too. Full size (3 oz) costs $17.50 so again, I can't imagine this baby sample would be worth more than a few bucks. (NCF)

Tony Moly Lip Patch: I've seen some YouTubers in Korea test this thing out and it looked hilarious. Despite the package expiration date being May of 2016 (what the hell, 3B?) my lips and everything else this patch touched felt super soft after I used it. This is full size and costs around $10. (NCF)

This bag is probably worth somewhere between $20-$25 which, in my experience with this service so far, is on the low end. But all the products are good so it all works out!