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Fan Girl Post

I recently sent my story collection to a horror website to see if I could get a review. As of yesterday, the review was posted* and I'll be damned (too late) if it isn't an awesome one! But instead of just posting a link to it I thought I'd give you a little background on the site and what led me there.

(I'll provide links to everything I talk about at the end of the post)

Months ago, I signed up to write a couple of movie reviews each month for a horror website called Rare-Horror. Run by a couple of nice Canadians, it's a site that relishes the more campy side of horror (particularly the 80s which is, let's face it, right in my wheelhouse) as well as the lesser known but no less enjoyable horror films, be they American or foreign. Another excuse to watch Asian horror? Don't mind if I do!

Anyway, they sent me a screener link to an independent horror film called Son of Ghostman. And while that movie is more of a comedy/romance with some horror thrown in, it truly is a fantastic film. It's so great to see quality in independent and low budget films. Don't get me wrong - some of that crap is fun to watch because it's so low budget. But Son of Ghostman was able to balance camp with quality, sincerity with humor, and deliver a well written and acted film. I highly suggest you go see it!

The writer/director, Kurt Larson, happened to be on a podcast with The Horror Honeys about a month ago. I wanted to listen to his interview so naturally I tuned in. I went in for Kurt but I stayed for the honey. The Horror Honeys is a website dedicated to horror and run by a bunch of bad-ass chicks. They've got Kat, the Horror Honey in charge, as well as specialty honeys such as Slasher, Supernatural, Revenge, Zombie, Hardcover, SciFi, Gamer, Monster, and Dark Comedy. Every Sunday they broadcast their podcast from several platforms and talk on a variety of subjects. They are fun to listen to so why not go check them out? Several of the Honeys are on Twitter as well AND there's a HH Facebook page.

It's amazing how one little Twitter conversation has led me to so many awesome things in the horror world. Thank you, Social Media, for actually being useful from time to time. And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go post pictures and links of dogs doing funny things and people falling down.

* I want to give a special shout out to Jocelyn, the Hardcover Honey, for taking the time to read my collection and writing up a review. I appreciate it more than you can ever know!

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