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Universal Yums September 2015 Review

Our Universal Yums box came a few weeks ago but I'm glad I waited to review. It gave both the hubby and me a chance to taste some of the items in there which gives me a better idea of what's good or not. If you don't know, Universal Yums is a subscription service that sends you either 6+ snacks or 13+ snacks from a different country each month ($13 or $25). If you like to eat food from different countries, check them out at:

September brings us snacks from Columbia! I think I was able to try most of the snacks. Let's get into it.

That is a shit ton of food, people! There are three bags of salty snacks. The Bacon-lime ones, which sounds like a weird combo, are DIVINE. The sweet plantains are awesome. The cheesy 'marble' ones suck major donkey dick. Tasted like cardboard. Even the dog didn't want one. The chewy coffee candies were fantastic! Soft but not sticky, unlike the coconut caramel things (green wrappers). The flavor on those were nice but I only nibbled a little piece because it was sticky like a Sugar Daddy and I didn't want to loose my expensive dental work!

I'm excited to try the chocolate spread which they recommend to eat with a spoon. There's also a sugar wafer cookie covered in chocolate that has me VERY excited. Oh, I almost forgot about the suckers. One is passionfruit and the other is watermelon. So they should be awesome.

That's a lot of food for $13. And we still have snacks from the other two boxes we've received! So far I'm highly recommending this service!