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Monkey at the Movies

All the bananas you bring me get doled (knee slap) out here. Which films earn the most? Read on to find out…

When I posted a couple weeks ago about my new department here on my site (Monkey at the Movies) I should have made the page a “blog” instead of just a regular “page.”

Fuck me and my web design illiteracy…

So, now I’m creating a new blog page for my MATM posts, making it easier to jump or link to a specific review. And I’m trying to insert a banner or WHATEVER that will show up on each post. But since it’s not working (or, more accurately, I can’t figure out how to get it to work) I’ll just plan on manually inserting the above image and text for each post.

Gaaaahhhhhh… me…..

I’ll eventually move my first review to this blog page but let’s see how this works before I make a complete clusterfuck of everything here.