The Monkey Is In.

So be prepared. Bring a banana.

I'm a writer of horror and dark fiction. I've been doing this since 1999 and believe me when I say, it's cheaper than therapy and safer for the world at large.

Here is where you will find links to my published works or any podcasts I participate in to promote all things me!

You can now find some of my publications at the Grey Wolf Scriptorium, a new bookstore in Clawson, MI!

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Ancient vampires...

My vampire novel is now available from AMAZON (published by Source Point Press). Get your copy today! (paperback only right now) Cover art by Sean Seal.



Collection of short stories

My horror anthology is available from Dragons Roost Press. You can purchase is on CREATE SPACE or AMAZON (print and Kindle). Cover art by Luke Spooner at Carrion House.

Zombies and the Old West - Illustrated. What's not to like?

A novella of zombies and cowboys accompanied by great artwork from Don England, Josh Werner, and more. Get your copy at AMAZON (paperback only).

Projects in the Works:

A couple of collaborations with David Hayes, a sci fi comedy comic script, and some more novels on the horizon!


Tales from the Punks: New podcast over at Slack Jaw for the Halloween Season. Eps air every Friday in October and I'm up first with my short story, "Do Not Resuscitate". You'll never know if I made it all up or it's real unless you listen!

Women of Horror: An Interview: Daulton Dickey interviewed me for a women in horror piece for his blog. Check it out.

Horrortree: I wrote a guest blog post over at Horrortree for Women in Horror month (that's February for those who don't know). I explain a little about why I write what I write.

Passersby Podcast: I was recently a guest on this really sweet podcast. Matthew McDonough interviews people for their individual story. How cool is that? Episode 63.

Motown Mojo Live: Got to participate on this awesome podcast with some other really cool guests! Episode 54.


13 Little Hells: Now available from Barnes & Noble or the Source Point Press website. My first horror comic anthology. How cool is that??

Erie Tales IX: Transformation. The Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers' ninth anthology, all about shapeshifters, is now available!

Recurring Nightmares: GLAHW has three of these anthos under its belt and I've contributed to two of them. The latest one is particularly fun! Check out ADWENIA'S RN and DAVID & PEGGY'S EXCELLENT RN

Women in Horror issue. I have a couple of poems in the Sirens Call Publications issue. I also answered a couple of interview questions, along with a handful of other women horror writers!

2015 Spooky Halloween Drabbles.  My drabble, " Carving Skills ", is in this collection! 

Fearotica. My story, "Off Menu", is in this anthology of horror/erotica fiction. Enjoy, you dirty sexy beasts. 

Inkitt "Darkest Place In the World". I entered my flash fiction story, Homecoming, in a contest at Inkitt. Click on the link and vote for me! Please and thank you!  

Sirens Call Publications Issue 18. I've recently had a poem, "Going Home", published in this issue. Check it out! 

Microfiction Mondays. My drabble, "Discarded but Not Gone", has been published in their Monday, October 20, 2014 issue. 

Spooky Halloween Drabbles 2014. My drabble, "Dinnertime", is in this collection! 

Sirens Call Publications Issue 7. My short story, “Q”, was published in the Women of Horror issue for 2013.

Code Z: An Undead Hospital Anthology: My story, “Deliver Us From Evil”, is in this collection.
(you can also purchase it at CreateSpace

Grim Fairy Tales: My dark take on the Cinderella story, “Cinderella Spin”, is in this anthology. 

My flash story, “Earl”, originally appeared on the New Flesh blogspot. You can get it in my anthology collection.

Not in the Brochure -An Anthology of Disappointing Apocalypse Stories: Christopher Nadeau, of GLAHW, is publishing an anthology of apocalypse stories and my story, “Raptchaarrr!” appears in it. 

Closet Monsters: My story, “Here There Be Monsters”, from this antho is also available in my collection.

Necrotic Tissue – Issue #12 is out now with my story, ” ‘Til Death Do Us Part”. (NT has since ceased publishing so if you can find any copies of this issue, or any issue, snap them up ASAP!)

Elements of Horror – my story, “Mulligan”, appears. Though this isn’t available anymore in its original print, you can find it in my collection. – I’ve contributed a poem for the project, “The Terror of Miskatonic Falls“, coming out…eventually.

Vicious Verses and Reanimated Rhymes (zombie poem collection). I have a poem, "Surviving the Horde", in this anthology.

Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers – Erie Tales: you can purchase my group’s eight anthologies. We’ve also got an Omnibus collection of stories from the first four anthologies. So in case you never got a chance to purchase them separately, you can get them all (well, most of them) in one big lump!

Sinister Tales Issue 2.2 originally published my story, “Secretary’s Day”. You can find it in my collection now.

Black Ink Horror (Issue #4) has my story, “The Alley”. Pretty sure it’s no longer available, though.

The anthology Reckless Abandon (edited by David Sparks and Bob Strauss) open with my story, “Why Be Normal?” is out of print from the publisher. I’m sure there are used copies out there, floating around the world. Try instead. Of course, Amazon is always an option (and I know many publishing houses use it). 

Appalling Limericks by Samsdot Publishing - apparently this is no longer available. *sad trombone*